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Changing register values on the OV7670 using SCCB

Hello, I am trying to alter some register values to be able to use the PLL to multiply the input clock by 4 as you can see from the image the default value is 0x3A but i want to change it to 0x7A. Does anyone know a code for me to able to achieve this? I know that the SCCB is similar to I2C, but it doesnt seem that i am able to change the register values. I also forgot to mention that i am using the LPC1768 micro controller. Thank you in advance /media/uploads/sjaffal3/screenshot_2016-02-29_20.13.23.png

Are you writing your own code and library or working with an imported solution ?

Have you seen this project ? This post should answer your question.


posted by Sanjiv Bhatia 01 Mar 2016

I did look at that, and i tried the example but it just doesn't work, i should also mention that my camera is different as it doesn't have FIFO therefor i cant run the code and test it. I am trying to build my own library and took some examples from that code but it just doesn't work

posted by saleh jaffal 01 Mar 2016

Did you manage to do it?

posted by Cristian Fuentes 19 Apr 2017
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