4 years, 9 months ago.

mbed formatting itself? (all files including binaries got wiped)

I am using mbed 1768 in a motor control system. However, it happened once that there seems to be unstable power in the system where the mbed constantly resetting itself. After I powered down the system, the mbed has wiped all its content when I power it back on again. All the files in the mbed has disappeared. I have to reformat the mbed and put binary back in. It is working fine again after that. This is just one incidence, otherwise it was working fine in the system before that.

Can this be caused by any electronic hazard such as electric shock, inverse current, voltage overload etc? I am trying hard to find a reason for such failure.

Or is there any situation where mbed can re-format itself? Anybody has any similar experience?

1 Answer

4 years, 9 months ago.

If you write some files on the file system, they are open and you crash ....you have to reformat the file system.