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How to save calibration data?

How to save calibration data? for initialization compass.

Or please publish code of calibration.

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This is an example of a tilt compensated eCompass running on a K64F Freedom Platform using the on board FXOS8700 6 axis sensor and Freescale's eCompass software library in a … compass, eCompass, FPU, K64F, magnetometer

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The code I originally worked from is not open source, this is why I only published object. The good news is that NXP has now made the code open source as part of their sensor toolbox. I have not had time to look into what is needed to port the newer code to mbed, although it should not be hard.

As background I had experimented with saving the calibration array and found that it was not trivial. Getting an ideal calibration is a real trick. Talking to my contacts at NXP they told me that specific equipment is needed to get a "perfect" calibration. LAcking this equipment I used a battery powered Wi-Go board to capture a calibration that I took while standing in an open area, far away from obvious magnetic interference so only the "hard iron" error was captured.

Thanks for quick answer.

Nxp published open source code in their Sensor Fusion Library for Kinetis MCUs 5.0 in Sep 2015


I tested it on K22F and visual works the same as your code. Sensor Fusion Toolbox for Windows capture and show calibration data. I hope you check it and publish source of object.

posted by Dmitry Dzhafarkhanov 12 Feb 2016

Now that the code is open source you can publish your project!!

posted by Jim Carver 12 Feb 2016

I tested it on KDS 3.1 , not mbed.

posted by Dmitry Dzhafarkhanov 14 Feb 2016