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BLE_nRF8001 compatible to Nucleo-F401Re

Hi, Ich want to make application like with my Nucleo-F401 Eva-Board. and i have a BLE-shield from Redbearlab (V.2012.07).

i dont know if this library compatible with this Board (Nucleao-F401) or not.


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It is the Nordic nRF8001 BLE library for RedBearLab BLE Shield v2.1 or above. It is compatible with the platforms those soldered Arduino compatible form factor. The library is ported … BLE, nRF8001, RedBearLab

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Hi mourad,

I checked again and I have exactly that version of the RBL shield and had that working on the FRDM KL25Z. I also have the Adafruit nRF8001 breakout board working on the Nucleo boards with a similar library. I just tried this setup out tonight. It seems to work but you might need to press reset on the RBL Shield or the Nucleo to get it working reliably. I think the reset was one thing changed in the version 2.1 Shield.

The SPI connection on the RBL shield is the 6 pin female header J11 in the middle of the underside of the board. I used long wires to connect that to the SPI connections on the ARDUINO headerJ3 of the RBL shield. There are two extra connections to take care of BLE_RDY (D8) and BLE_REQ (D9) they are connected when you plug the shield onto the Nucleo. Maybe the code below will help you change the RBL example to match your board.

// The SPI construct, REQN and RDYN IO construct should be modified manually
// It depend on the board you are using and the REQN&RDYN configuration on BLE Shield
// config for Nucleo 401RE
SPI spi(PA_7, PA_6, PA_5);      
DigitalInOut BLE_RDY(PA_9);  // D8
DigitalInOut BLE_REQ(PC_7);   // D9

Or you can import my version at https://developer.mbed.org/users/highroads/code/nRF8001_SimpleChat/