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BLE_nRF8001 compatible to Nucleo-F401Re

Hi, Ich want to make application like with my Nucleo-F401 Eva-Board. and i have a BLE-shield from Redbearlab (V.2012.07).

i dont know if this library compatible with this Board (Nucleao-F401) or not.


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It is the Nordic nRF8001 BLE library for RedBearLab BLE Shield v2.1 or above. It is compatible with the platforms those soldered Arduino compatible form factor. The library is ported ... BLE, nRF8001, RedBearLab
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Hi mourad,

I checked again and I have exactly that version of the RBL shield and had that working on the FRDM KL25Z. I also have the Adafruit nRF8001 breakout board working on the Nucleo boards with a similar library. I just tried this setup out tonight. It seems to work but you might need to press reset on the RBL Shield or the Nucleo to get it working reliably. I think the reset was one thing changed in the version 2.1 Shield.

The SPI connection on the RBL shield is the 6 pin female header J11 in the middle of the underside of the board. I used long wires to connect that to the SPI connections on the ARDUINO headerJ3 of the RBL shield. There are two extra connections to take care of BLE_RDY (D8) and BLE_REQ (D9) they are connected when you plug the shield onto the Nucleo. Maybe the code below will help you change the RBL example to match your board.

// The SPI construct, REQN and RDYN IO construct should be modified manually
// It depend on the board you are using and the REQN&RDYN configuration on BLE Shield
// config for Nucleo 401RE
SPI spi(PA_7, PA_6, PA_5);      
DigitalInOut BLE_RDY(PA_9);  // D8
DigitalInOut BLE_REQ(PC_7);   // D9

Or you can import my version at https://developer.mbed.org/users/highroads/code/nRF8001_SimpleChat/


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