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NRF51822 Battery consumption with internal and external 32.768 kHz oscillator


For my project I am using a WT51822-S2 module. I programmed it with a nrf51 dk board and powering it with CR2032 battery. I only have a 16 MHz crystal connected to it, no 32.768 kHz one. I did not set a clock source anywhere in my code.

What is the battery consumption when using 32.768 kHz internal RC vs. external low frequency oscillator while in ble.waitForEvent()?

How to set the clock source and if using an external one, how to set accuracy?

In my code, I have a ticker that wakes up the device from the low power mode (ble.waitForEvent();) every second to increase timer variable. What is the NRF51822 consumption when doing that task (normal tasks), when not in low power mode?

Thank you!

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