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Nordic nRF51 and mbed BLE ; what about softdevices for mbed BLE application?


I need more insight on mbed BLE app's on the Nordic platforms. Do I need to flash a softdevice myself (nRFgo Studio) or is the softdevice included in the downloaded .hex file from the mbed server (online compiler) . How is the versioning of this all orchestrated, considering that the size of a softdevice and start address of the application code can change with different version of the softdevice. (A Nordic supplied softdevice is a piece of code that makes the Nordic Bt radio tick)

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Normal mbed hex includes soft device, FOTA relies on preloaded preloaded.

Softdevice6 now used in mbed, major step when it is changed.

Check the platform and FOTA pages on mbed for details

Accepted Answer

to figure out which softdevice your mbed application is using , see: Nordic Developer Zone, 'mbed firmware roadmap' , URL https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/question/31898/mbed-firmware-roadmapcompatibility-matrix/. Currently I see version 7.1.0 of the S110 softdevice

posted by ko stoel 19 Mar 2015