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nRF-Beacon and Nordic MCP


I recently got a nRF beacon and the Nordic Android MCP app.

I am trying to build this example project and load it on the beacon.

I have tried loaded the .hex file using the Android MCP app (DFU).

Loading the resulting .hex as an application does not seem to result in a working system. (I do get a warning in the log:"DFU target does not support DFU v.2" )

May I ask is what I am trying to do is at all possible with the stock bootloader on that beacon?

Thanks in advance!


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This is a modified "BLE_Default_App". It doesn't use retargetStdout() which allows it to work with online Libs available on 20150123 (nRF51822, BLE_API) BLE, BLE_Default_APP, nRF51822

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nRf-Beacon, at least the one I have, isn't an mbed platform.

You can prep it for mbed using FOTA, but you will need something to provide SWDIO/SWDCK signals to get first mbed file onto it to enable mbed FOTA.

See section F at: https://developer.mbed.org/users/prussell/code/FOTA4/wiki/FOTA-Notes

PCBs that have SWDIO/SWCLK are nRF-DK, nRF-mkit, some programmers, and many more...

Accepted Answer

Thanks for the quick reply!

Is there a way to compile the .hex from MBED so that is is compatible with the standard DFU bootloader supplied with the beacon?

I saw a piece of python code that calculates CRC-16 to create an "init" file to allow MCP to update the beacon's bootloader etc.

Maybe I can modify this code to create this init file to allow other users of this beacon to use mbed without having to resort using an nRF51-DK to load a new bootloader.

posted by Pieter Gildenhuys 05 Mar 2015

From what I understand the nRF beacon comes loaded with an early dfu that isn't compatible with later Nordic Soft device used by mbed.

You can check Nordic devzone for details on whats preloaded in nRF Beacon, but I expect best to move forward with recent hardware and code.

posted by Paul Russell 05 Mar 2015