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Will mbed OS V3.0 be compatible with current mbed, and other questions...

Hi, I have some questions about mbed V3.0

1) Will it be compatible with current EthernetInterface? Or, will it use all new software?

2) Will it be integrated with current mbedmicro/mbed on GitHub (https://github.com/mbedmicro/mbed). Or, will it be all new?

3) Will current platforms supported on mbed (located in "mbed/targets" of source) have to be ported to V3.0, or will it be compatible?

4) Will the new V3.0 full-stack platform be free? For example, will you be adding a free HTTP implementation to the stack? And, how about all the other components shown http://developer.mbed.org/blog/entry/Announcing-our-plans-for-mbed-v30/

Question relating to:

Can someone from mbed please reply to this question? Is very hard getting information regarding v3.0. We want to develop code using mbed API, and really need to know if this code will be compatible with v3.0. Specially question 1 regarding EthernetInterface.

posted by modtronix H 04 Mar 2015

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1) Our goal is to minimize the changes application developers have to make at the high level API interfaces. In some cases there may be changes based on whether the underlying interfaces have changed.

2) It will be a different repository.

3) They will need to be ported over as there will be extensions to the HAL, such as the non-blocking drivers.

4) Yes, it will be free to use, as per normal. We'll start by adding our CoAP / LWM2M client as this provides seamless connectivity to mbed Device Server. HTTP client is in our roadmap.

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