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How fast can this device write to an SD card?

How fast can this device write to an SD card? Or host/shield controls the write speed?

Is it worth buying a fast SD card? I'm considering to capture some short 720p (hopefully 1080p) videos and save them to the SD card.


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On most mbeds (maybe all) the SD card is on a serial SPI interface rather than a dedicated 4 bit SD interface. A faster card will help but either way it's going to be slow.

How are you going to get the video into the mbed to start with? That's a lot of data for a low end embedded system to shuffle around.

I'm thinking with OV5642 Camera (http://www.arducam.com/camera-modules/5mp-ov5642/). I want to minimize the costs and skip using another shield. But I'm pretty new in this area so I might be talking nonsense.

posted by Daniel Blendea 17 Feb 2015

What is the fastest way to save data: - On the LocalFileSystem - On a SD-card - Via serial(USBTX,USBRX) - Via ethernet ??

posted by Stefan Poels 12 Feb 2016

Ethernet or a true USB port (not the debug serial USB) are your best bets.

posted by Andy A 12 Feb 2016