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Library builds only for NXP targets

This is a great library and would much appreciate if it was modified for other targets (STM in my case). At the very least it should throw an appropriate compile time error.

For example INIT.c could have

    error("MODSERIAL is not supported for your target");

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I assume thta library was created when there was not any other platform besides NXP. But yes, that would be nice ot have this addition. Send the pull request, might be accepted.

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I don't think Andy has logged in for a long time.

In general unless you need specific MODSERIAL functions I would advice you to use BufferedSerial, which just implements the buffer part and should work on every target. There is this version of MODSERIAL, which supports more targets: http://developer.mbed.org/users/Sissors/code/MODSERIAL/, but this does not include STM targets. If you want to add them yourself it would be a good starting point, since it already splitted the target dependent and target independent code.

Hi Erik, Thanks for the pointer to BufferedSerial, looks like a better match than MODSERIAL in a resource constrained project I am just wrapping up.

BTW I know it is trivial for the reader to do a search, but a link to BufferedSerial would save everybody but you a little time, and also save cycles on the server from all those potential searches. BufferedSerial

posted by David Godfrey 07 Mar 2015