4 years, 8 months ago.

Re Nordic Pucks: Is this project usable now?

Did an import (with the Nordic nRF51-DK as target platform) and attempted to compile. Lots of missing symbols, starting with Serial logger.

Newbie to mbed here (but lots of nRF51822 BLE development using the Keil MDK). Was under the impression that importing a sample program pulled along all the required support code, libraries, etc.

Is that not the case for Puck? What else needs to be added? How?



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A library for easier setup and prototyping of IoT devices (pucks), by collecting everything that is common for all pucks in one place. BLE, bluetooth, nRF51822
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4 years, 8 months ago.

When importing the Puck library, did you have the label 'update all sub-libraries to the latest revision' checked?

Unfortunately, Puck hasn't been updated to work with the latest version of the BLE API, which means this box needs to remain unchecked for the library to work.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I did check the "update all sub-libraries" box. Will try again without.

BTW, what would you recommend for a good base template for nRF51-DK BLE (S110) apps? When using the Keil MDK, I started with Nordic's AN-36, with the ble_lbs_svc. Did import the HRS example here, which compiled and runs fine.


posted by Mike Wirth 12 Feb 2015


Gave it a try without checking "update all sub-libraries..." Closer, but still not OK. Fails on:

/#include "compiler_abstraction.h"

in app_util.h

No problem, You've convinced me that I'm better off basing my work on more current BLE samples :-)

Thanks again for the feedback.


posted by Mike Wirth 13 Feb 2015

+1 I also get the error about (NOT updating the libraries to the latest) /#include "compiler_abstraction.h" in app_util.h"

posted by iain galloway 21 Feb 2015

We're updating the library now, so it should be working with the newest mbed firmware and BLE API dependencies in the next couple of days.

posted by Stian Jensen 23 Feb 2015

Hi again!

The Puck library is updated, and should be working with the newest version of the mbed library.

posted by Stian Jensen 27 Feb 2015