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regarding installation of serial driver

i tried installing serial driver as per the steps given in hand book ,whenever i uninstall composite device unpluging mbed and pluging i am not getting serial device in my devices and printers.i am using windows 8.i tried doing the same thing several times.please help me with this please

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please somebody tell me solution for this..

Hi, samantha, check the last answer on this thread:


Also, first try to connect your mbed with another usb cable. The cable sometimes report problems to the users


posted by Ney Palma 18 Mar 2013

hey ney thanks a lot..finally i am successful in installing it.:)

posted by -deleted- 19 Mar 2013
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Hi, samantha i sucessfully install the mbed serial driver in windows 8 with this installer:


First install this, and then plug your mbed. It most appear in the device manager as COM(number)

What is the problem that you have?


hey ney!,thanks for reply..i did what you said but i could not figure out the problem.my problem is in device manager , i am not able to see mbed serial port(com 40 ).and also there is a driver error in mbed composite device..please tell me solution for this

posted by -deleted- 18 Mar 2013

Driver issue

If the serial is not recognised by the host:

go into the device manager right click on "mbed composite" uninstall the driver then disconnect/connect your mbed install the serial driver.

i have done this also but same thing is coming again and again.

posted by -deleted- 18 Mar 2013
6 years, 5 months ago.

For LPC1768 I had to install new driver if I wanted to use CMSIS-DAP. https://mbed.org/handbook/CMSIS-DAP-MDK. After that device manager in windows Vista shows better information. There are 3 instances of mbed:

-as a Portable Device / MBED

-as a Disk Station / MBED microcontrolleur USB Device

-as a Universal Serial Bus-controllers / mbed Composite Device

The last one ("mbed Composite device") will show up in the list of COMports. You can read/write to the COMport by means of a terminal program if you want to communicate with mbed (" printf" in a program sends text to the terminal window).. As a terminal I use YAT: http://sourceforge.net/projects/y-a-terminal/ because it has lots of extra's, it looks good and is so much fun to use: just click!

hey geert!! thanks a lot for the reply.i finally installed it successfully and along with yat, we can even use hyper terminal.anyways thanks a lot!!:)

posted by -deleted- 19 Mar 2013