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Coding with Visual Studio for mBed

I want to use. embedded data types. and #include "mbed.h" in visual studio 2013, but i saw the following post , But most of the links there are dead. for an example i need to write following program in visual studio

https://developer.mbed.org/cookbook/Coding-with-MS-Visual-Studio - all the help links here unavalible.

  1. include "mbed.h"

DigitalOut myled(LED1);

int main() { while(1) { myled = 1; wait(0.2); myled = 0; wait(0.2); } }

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As currently online IDE does not support visual studio exporting, there are at least 2 python modules which would allow you:

Project generator has some support for visual studio , or there's platformIO which has the same. You can have a look at those 2 to see which one fits your needs.

Project generator mbed example (needs project generator , use visual_studio_make_gcc_arm tool for exporting) https://github.com/project-generator/project_generator_mbed_examples

PlatformIO: https://github.com/platformio/platformio

could your answer be posted on the page Venushka referred to? "https://developer.mbed.org/cookbook/Coding-with-MS-Visual-Studio ".

posted by Gary Z 21 Jan 2016
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Martin, the links are identical

Fixed, thanks

posted by Martin Kojtal 21 Jan 2016
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Take a look at this thread here:


I have got this working and Ivan will help if you get stuck.