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SPI Class reference

Where can I find the complete SPI Class reference. I see examples that describe API functions such as format below.

Setup the spi for 8 bit data, high steady state clock, second edge capture, with a 1MHz clock rate spi_rf.format(16,3);

I could not find the class reference so I can see what are the components of this function and whatever other API functions are available and how to use them. I get "file not found" as I try to track this down.

I have the same problem for I2C Class reference. Is there something I did not setup to get access to the documentation. under my mbed tab in the mbed compiler I see "Too many files".

any help would be appreciated.

Question relating to:

Try reverting the mbed library from 112 (current) to 111 or 109 (110 Documentation is broken too) I have highlighted this to mbed but no response from Forum or Question raised. If you want to keep the current version then open a new (dummy-blinky) project and use the library as above To change library highlight in the online compiler - Right click - select revisions - a list will appear - select as above - right click on the one you wish to used - select switch working copy to this revision to this copy... Then when you click on the library for that project select classes and all the mbed API's with information wil appear which is very useful and hopefully answers your question

posted by Martin Simpson 18 Jan 2016
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