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NUCLEO-F401RE “The interface firmware FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU"

I'm developing a hobby grade desktop CNC router. For the G-code interpreter and machine controller I've chosen the STM32F401RET6 micro-controller. For development I'm using the MBED on-line development platform and the NUCLEO-F401RE board. When I received the cards I upgrade the firmware per the direction. The version I'm currently using is V2J25M14. Of the four NUCLEO's I have purchased, two have failed in the same way. 1) I compile a new image at the MBED site. 2) I download the image to my LINUX system. 3) I copy the image to the NUCLEO. 4) The board goes brain dead. 5) There is a FAIL.TXT file on the NULCEO that contains “The interface firmware FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU" 6) The micro-controller get warm after this occurrence.

I know ST monitors the forum so I hoping the following questions can be answered. Is this a know issue? If so, is there a firmware fix? Is there a procedure that will prevent this from happening? Is there a way to recover the boards?

Still no fix? So this board is trash now?

posted by Tyler Hill 10 Sep 2018

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There is a problem with the interface firmware. This does not happen when using a Segger Flasher on a prototype board.

Make sure the interface LED is 'RED', after downloading this normally goes 'GREEN'. Unplug and plug back in, then it will be 'RED'. I think it may be something to do with after downloading the interface MCU goes into a debug mode to allow PC terminal connection or something like that. Also select 'Compile All', for some reason I have found that this is needed, I have no idea why but seems to fix the problem for me.

I find this issue happens when interrupts are set in my program across all the STM platforms, the interface MCU has troubles halting the target MCU.

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i have the same problem...the device get warm in short while and the file cannot paste into the board even the latest ST-link have been updated. Can anyone please help to solve it?

Sorry I posted on the wrong question. I have an answer for you about the ph probe question.

posted by Louis-Philippe Gauthier 07 Apr 2017

i have also same problem like this for Nucleo F030R8 anyone give me suggestions ?

posted by sourabh adhyapak 09 Jul 2019