7 years, 9 months ago.

sleep() function is not working with a PWM based LETIMER routine on a Leopard Gecko SDK3600 board

I wrote my own LETIMER routine accessing the registers directly on the Leopard Gecko SDK3600 board. The routine is working as planned. When I add the sleep() command, the sleep() routine puts the processor in EM4 mode due to sleep_block_counter[2] in sleep() has a zero value instead of a 1. A 1 in the sleep_block_counter[2] will put the processor in EM2 mode while asleep. I checked other mbed routines using the mbed LowPowerTicker, and sleep_block_counter[2] is set to 1.

Is the system suppose to determine the value for sleep_block_counter[2] or am I required to set the sleep_block_counter[2] when I enable the LETIMER?

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6 years, 6 months ago.

Hi Keith,

I'm trying to get the LETIMER working and struggling, I don't suppose you could share the code? Thanks