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LPC1114 IRQ Problems on GPIO

I wrote two short test programs to try to get to the bottom of my on-going LPC interrupt problems. The way I understand it, all of the LPC1114 GPIO pins should be able to have IRQ's attached to them, bar the ones specically mentioned in the mbed LPC1114 pinout documentation. I am using dp13, dp14, dp26, dp27 and dp28. All are set for pull-up. On both versions, dp27 does NOT work - the input is not being pulled high and hovers around 100-400mV - the others are all sitting at 3.3V. My question is: Why are dp13 and dp27 not working correctly?

#include "mbed.h"
//this uses polling to check for PB going low
DigitalIn button1(dp13);
DigitalIn button2(dp14);
DigitalIn button3(dp28);
DigitalIn button4(dp27);
DigitalIn button5(dp26);

DigitalOut leds1(dp10);
DigitalOut leds2(dp11);

int main()

    leds1 = 1;
    leds2 = 1;
    wait (3);
    leds1 = 0; leds2 = 0;


        if((button1 && button2 && button3 && button5) == 0) {

            leds1 = 1;
            leds1 = 0;
goto LOOP;    

(Note: Button 4 was note used in the LOOP part of the specific listing above for test purposes)


Listed below is the INTERRUPT driven version.

1. dp14, dp26 and dp28 work. dp13 and dp27 (as mentioned above) do not respond to low going signals. 2. If I disable all IRQ's except dp13 and dp27, I can confirm they still do not work 3. If just dp13 and dp27 are disabled, dp14, dp26 and dp28 work

#include "mbed.h"
// this uses IRQ's to check for PB's going low
DigitalOut LEDS1(dp10);
//DigitalOut LEDS2(dp11);

InterruptIn PB1(dp13);
InterruptIn PB2(dp14);
InterruptIn PB3(dp26);
InterruptIn PB4(dp27);
InterruptIn PB5(dp28);

void PB1isr(void){
    LEDS1 != LEDS1;
void PB2isr(void){
    LEDS1 =! LEDS1;
void PB3isr(void){
    LEDS1 =! LEDS1;
void PB4isr(void){
   LEDS1 =! LEDS1;
void PB5isr(void){
    LEDS1 =! LEDS1;

int main()

    LEDS1 = 1;
    wait (3);
    LEDS1 = 0;
do {




        } while(1);

Question relating to:

I tested all the GPIO pins for IRQ - I have posted the results in the LPC1114 forum.

posted by Andrew R 28 Nov 2015

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4 years, 8 months ago.

Dp27 is an easy one, it is an opendrain I2C pin: It does not have a pull up, so it is always low. What voltages do you measure on p13?

By the way, use <<code>> and <</code>> to make it better readable.

Erik, I put a 1k pull-up on p27 - it is now responding correctly (I read open drain as open drain for the output drive - I did not realize that it affected the input - good learning point).

Pin 13 has 3.3V and it goes to 0V when I hit the button, but it is not working - there is no response from the LED.

posted by Andrew R 26 Nov 2015

No idea regarding dp13, if I have time I'll try to have a look at it in the weekend. I checked some stuff, but that all seems to be set correctly.

posted by Erik - 26 Nov 2015