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NRF51-DK Analog Data, Linux, Python, Sensor

Dear Forum, 10 months ago I've posted a question regarding a similar topic and got no answers because it might have been to broad. Now coming back to my original problem I'll try it again.

I simply would like to tell my NRF51-DK to transmit ADC readings from one single ADC as quickly as possible and ultimately access this data with Python, MATLAB, Octave, C++, LabView or whatever running on a Linux host PC, using a Bluetooth BLE dongle.

Somehow this seems to be very 'uncommon' - at least my Arduino-Tinker-DIY vocabulary (which I use for online searches) doesn't allow me to get the information I need ... so here I am again.

It would be just so great if someone could guide me towards the right steps ... Best & Yours, Glycyl

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It is simple : cut your problem in several parts:
- read adc to variables
- format and print theses variables on a terminal (with a serial connexion to your host pc)
- replace the physical connexion with a Bluetooth
- replace the terminal on the pc with a file
- read the file in whatever program

For each step is easy to find the documentation , for the Bluetooth it may be depending on your device.

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Dear Robert, thank you for your quick reply! Indeed it sounds very easy now! However my biggest problem than seems to be "Replace the physical connection with Bluetooth" With an Arduino, I simply would send the serial data and there are dozens of way to read such data .... However with bluetooth I am lost at that stage. I will start my search for some tutorials right now with what I've got, but if you don't mind you could give some keywords for Serial over Bluetooh interface ? Best, Glycyl

posted by Glycyl Alanin 22 Nov 2015

I never minded to replace a simple wire with Bluetooth, but if needed look at this :http://makezine.com/projects/connect-an-arduino-to-a-7-bluetooth-serial-module/...easy With the NRF51...I do not know, I assume they provide the solution.

posted by Robert Spilleboudt 22 Nov 2015