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NUCLEO-F401RE driver installation on Mac OS 10.8.5

HI, I bought a NUCLEO-F401RE a few days ago, but I couldn't manage to install the driver of ST-Link. I am trying for last three days but no of avail. I have gone through some of the tutorials but some command didn't work as expected. I am little experience in Embedded System and also Command Line Argument so I don't understand most of the command in Terminal, almost blindly following the steps mentioned in tutorial.

It is really frustrating to get stuck like this. Could someone please tell me how to get the ST Link run on Mac OS 10.8.5?


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Dear Golam,

Using the STM32 Nucleo platforms on Mac OS does not require the installation of a specific driver. Just connect the STM32 Nucleo F401RE to your Mac and, well you're done. If you need to upgrade the firmware of the ST-LINK/V2-1, please download the latest STSW-LINK007 application. It comes with an exe for Win and a Java tool that can be easily deployed on Mac OS. To run the application, open the terminal and type the command "java -jar STLinkUpgrade.jar".

Kind regards Andrea

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Ok you mean I don't need not to install the driver for ST-Link?

posted by Golam Tanvir Zim 23 Nov 2015

Oh I think I have done it! Thanx a lot for bothering about silly questions!

posted by Golam Tanvir Zim 23 Nov 2015

Hi how can i install STlink utility on mac ? Thanks

posted by Lorenzo Ruscitti 11 Dec 2018

Hi Lorenzo, please refer to the Cube Programmer tool provided by ST. Kind Regards

posted by Andrea Palmieri 12 Dec 2018