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Question about my own board for C027 LISA modem with mbed LPC1768

I'm new for build new board for Ublox Lisa. the board i connect to my MBED LPC1768 for main microcontroller. The electrical is work fine but for program is not work. that program like as nor working. my modem is only connect p13 and p14 (LPC1768) to modem serial (pin 15 and pin 16), MDM power on to p16. i use code from https://developer.mbed.org/teams/ublox/code/C027_GPSTransparentSerial/ with some modify and target is LPC_1768, my code is:


  1. include "mbed.h"
  1. define MDMPWRON p16
  2. define MDMTXD p13
  3. define MDMRXD p14
  4. define MDMBAUD 115200

int main() { setting the power on pin low while powering the device will turn it on DigitalOut pin(MDMPWRON, 0); wait_ms(10);

open the mdm serial port Serial mdm(MDMTXD,MDMRXD); mdm.baud(MDMBAUD);

open the PC serial port and (use the same baudrate) Serial pc(USBTX, USBRX); pc.baud(MDMBAUD); while (1) { transfer data from pc to modem if (pc.readable() && mdm.writeable()) mdm.putc(pc.getc()); transfer data from modem to pc if (mdm.readable() && pc.writeable()) pc.putc(mdm.getc()); } } </code>

why y code is not working? can somebody help me or give me some clue for build it?


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