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BLE FOTA triggered from app without enabled softdevice?

I am interested in using FOTA but would like to trigger bootloader from app that does not have a running Softdevice. I tried using the following to set the GPRERET register then trigger system reset but does not work. Any ideas?


A simple example would be an app that flashes an LED and a button press triggers a jump to DFU bootloader. The button press would not be at start up but rather anytime. This app but not be running anything from BLE_API and would not use ble.init().

This assumes the bootloader code would do the initial BLE stack init and begin advertising.

#include "mbed.h"
DigitalIn enable_DFU(p5);
DigitalOut led(LED1);
int main() {
    while(1) {
            // jump to DFU / FOTA
         led = !led;

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Bluetooth Low Energy (a.k.a Bluetooth LE, BTLE, Bluetooth Smart)

Please explain what you mean by: "would like to trigger bootloader from app that does not use BLE/Softdevice". Without the softdevice none of this would work. Do you mean without BLE_API?

posted by Rohit Grover 05 Nov 2015

I updated my question.

posted by Joel Anderson 05 Nov 2015
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