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IBMIoTClientCellularExample: Sara G350 modem goes in to powerOff mode?


I first tried the C027_HelloWorld example to make sure that my board (C027/SARA-G350 GSM) is OK and compile/download procedure is fine. I am connecting a 12V 1A power supply as recommended in the Quickstart document.

When it comes to the IBM IoT example, I am stuck as I am unable to see data on the IBM Quickstart webpage. When checking for debug messages on Tera Term, I find that the modem is apparently going in to "powerOff" state - please see attached snapshot. At the same time, I am confused because the LCD on the Application Shield displays the message, "IBM/u-blox IOT Cloud \n Connected".

Any ideas on why this might be the case? The only things I have changed in main.cpp are:

1. SIM PIN : the default SIM pin for my Vodafone (India) GSM SIM is "0000". 2. APN: "www" for Vodafone India.

I have left username and password to NULL. I know that with APN "www", my SIM works as I have used it previously with a different cellular gateway. Can I enable more verbosity in the debug logging to un derstand where the problem lies?

Regards, Narsimh


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Does it still react on the joystick?

Try setting the debug level to 3 with mdm.setDebug(3); You then see all AT commands sent to the modem.

Hi Michael,

In the reported powerOff state, the device does not seem to respond to the joystick on the Application shield.

When I uncomment the mdm.setDebug(3); statement in main.cpp (Line #426), it works! I am able to see live sensor data on IBM Quickstart. However, without this debug statement, I am still seeing the same issue - i.e., modem seems to go in to powerOff state and no data is visible on IBM Quickstart.

posted by Narsimh Kamath 01 Nov 2015