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using mbed compiler

Question for dummies: How do I download a file compiled online to my computer, and from there to an MB1136 board ... under Linux?

Thanks, Christoph Maier

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When you hit compile online assuming there are no errors it should automatically download a .bin file. Where that goes depends on your browser and settings.

When you connect the board to your PC it should show up as a USB drive. (if not then you need the correct drivers, they are around here somewhere, I've never used mbed on linux but I know others have).

Copy the .bin file to the mbed USB drive, wait for it to finish (it should be almost instant) and then press the reset button on the board.

linux: - no drive is required -after the copy , wait a little bit. The transfer is buffered and occurs with a delay. If you want to be sure, use the command sync to flush the buffers

posted by Robert Spilleboudt 23 Oct 2015
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First of all upgrade your board firmware. I was trying to use my NUCLEO without any success until I upgraded it. You can find some help on your board page. There is a new firmware package based on Java which support Linux! If I remember correctly during the upgrade process all necessary things will be configured.

If you upgraded your board first you need mount it. I use Debian distro. If I plug in my board a new device appears on my desktop. Double click on it and the folder of the board will appear. You can drag and drop your downloaded *.bin file as mentioned above. I prefer to move it in terminal window. During the development process It is a good thing to push only the up arrow.

If you have some trouble during the programming process caused by delayed sync you can find some help here: https://developer.mbed.org/handbook/Mounting-with-sync