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How to supply the external power to the FRDMK64F board for standalone ?

Hi All,

I want to supply power externally to the FRDMK64F board for making as a standalone project. I've tried to supply through DC jack and 16th pin of J3 connector and nothing got succeded.

Currently I was powerign up and working through USB power and need external 5V DC supply. AM I missing any jumper or need to unpopulate or populate components ?

Could someone assist for this ?

Regards, Titus S.

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The Freedom-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs.

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I tried to apply 5V to J24 (DC Power Jack) and it worked fine. Put the 5V signal on the horizontal pad/hole either of the two vertical ones can be used for gnd. It's kind of hard to tell which pad is which from the board. Anyway it works. Note that no 5V gets any further than u17 regulator, so if you need to distribute 5V to something else you'll have to do it off board.

Accepted Answer

Thank you All. Its a connector problem. :-)

All, thanks for your answers.

posted by Titus Stalin 02 Feb 2015

Has anyone found what part goes in the DC jack location on the board? I'd like to get the proper DC jack and connector, if possible.

posted by Derek Reamon 26 Feb 2015

(in case anybody is still looking) I found the BOM for the board on Element14 (for some inexplicable reason, Excel2013 can't read the file but LibreOffice 4.4 can; it shouldn't be this hard). J24 is a CUI PJ1-022

posted by scott carter 21 May 2015

I think you aren't quite right, If you are using the J24 plug it should be going to the Vin pin

posted by Vladimir Akopyan 03 Apr 2016
7 years, 6 months ago.

Did you run a simple blinky program? The SDA interface and the corresponding LED are disabled if not powered from the correct USB port, but the target should still run its code.

Hi Erik,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, I'm able to run LED blinky code but it through USB (J26) and I need to power up the board through external power 5V.

I don't want to power up the board through USB OpenSDA.

All I want is that need to supply power externally usign DC JACK (J24) or 16th pin of J3.

I referred the schematics of this board and got informations like this.

posted by Titus Stalin 30 Jan 2015
7 years, 6 months ago.

You can supply external power by connecting 16th pin and GND pin to + and - of the power supply respectively, what are the issues you are getting when supplying power to the board externally.

Thanks for your reply Zain. As I told you early, I've done it but not able to succeed.

After connecting 16th pin to +ve and board GND to -ve of the PSU, and not able to see any LED blinking which was already flashed to the board.

Nothing comes after applying external power :-(

Even I tried DC JACK also for external power.

Able to see the LED blinking after connecting the USB cable on J26.

Any pointer again ?

posted by Titus Stalin 30 Jan 2015