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Which do you suggest for CAN (CANBus) developmet?

I'm a newbee for mbed system and want to try some stuff on CANBus protocol. I'll buy a board for this purpose but I'm confused. When I search for CAN feature, almost all the boards seem to have CAN. I want to transmit and receive the data on same board. So can any nucleo board do this? or do I have to buy mbed LPC1768?

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Stick to the boards listed on the page below that feature CAN (click on CAN to filter): https://developer.mbed.org/media/uploads/Sissors/supported_LDoCekG.htm

The Nucleo boards have CAN hardware but the ST decided not to implement that part of the mbed library on their boards. You can always use the ST libraries or create your own but that's a lot messier. The link above is generated by checking which features within the mbed library are enabled on a given board and so is a far better guide to what should work out of the box.

Also keep in mind that with CAN you need a CAN transceiver IC, as far as I know the C027 is the only board to include one of these as standard. It's an 8 pin chip and normally doesn't need any external parts (other than maybe a CAN terminating resistor) so not a big deal but something to be aware of.

Accepted Answer

There is a chinese cheap development board ,not exact clone but very similar to KEIL mcb1700 development board with two CANS


the KEIL board http://www.keil.com/mcb1700/

posted by X M 30 Sep 2015

You might give CAN_Nucleo_Hello a try.

posted by Zoltan Hudak 28 Oct 2015