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NUCLEO F303RE's led 2 no power


the manual says "The red LED LD3 (PWR) and LD1 (COM)should light up. LD1 (COM) and green LED LD2 should blink".

When I try to connect F303RE to my computer via USB, LD1 and LD3 can light up successfully, but LD2 can't.

My computer's OS is Win7, and jumpers' position is already right.

How do I do to let F303RE's LD2 light up


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7 years, 2 months ago.

Hello, LD1 and LD3 are stlink connection and power supply LED and are lit automatically.

LD2 is controlled by the STM32 program. You need a firmware that toggle or turn the LED ON inside the MCU.


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for example

Thanks, I'll try it.

posted by yi-feng chiou 15 Sep 2015

I do this, and it works. But when I set all myled=0 or myled=1, I think led1 should be still light or dark, but it's not. And if I change DigitalOut myled(LED1) to DigitalOut myled(LED2), will LED2 bilnk? I try this but result is not. By the way, I put the file in board, but it disappears quickly. Is it normal? Sorry for too many problems. Thanks :)

posted by yi-feng chiou 19 Sep 2015

This is not possible to control the LED1 (STLINK) or LED (POWER SUPPLY) because these are not connected to the MCU GPIOs pin. They are directly connected on the PCB . Please look at the board schemetic for details. http://www.st.com/st-web-ui/static/active/en/resource/technical/document/user_manual/DM00105823.pdf The Nucleo disk drive is not a real drive. It's a virtual drive used to program the MCU by drag and drop. But the file is not saved on the disk itself as there is no storage on the board for this: it is directly programmed into the MCU.

posted by Maxime TEISSIER 24 Sep 2015