6 years, 8 months ago.

Nucleo-F030R8 simple LED blinky not working after mbed R101

As the title says, when using mbed library revisions 102 to current latest 106, code compiles but LED does not blink. Reverting to 101 and all is good.


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Just recheck - >101 does not work?

posted by Martin Kojtal 08 Sep 2015

Correct, <=101 OK, >=102 NOK

posted by David Lowe 08 Sep 2015

You are correct, my board does not work at all when updating to the latest MBED version.

That was lucky I was about to throw it in the bin, I thought I killed it adding a vBAT supply.

posted by Paul Staron 08 Sep 2015

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6 years, 8 months ago.

The problem is here:

startup_stm32f030x8.s snip

/* Call the application's entry point.*/

//  bl main
  bl _start

Happened in SRC revision 583, 6th July 2015

Revision 582 works.

Accepted Answer

Sorry, wrong file, it is actually the system_stm32f0xx.c


/* Used for the different timeouts in the HAL */
void SysTick_Handler(void)

was removed on this PR (line 437).

Add it back and it works.

posted by Paul Staron 10 Sep 2015