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Exported Project Won't Build

I have just exported a project from mbed, to the Keil uVision5 tool chain. I haven't used Keil before and am not familiar with it. However, I have unzipped the export and opened the .uvprojx file in Keil. It has loaded up and I can open the main.cpp file, amongst all the other files from the libraries etc. But when I build the project, I get some 700 warnings and an error, despite the project compiling fine in the mbed compiler? Have I done something wrong in the export / import process, or in setting up the keil project?

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which example? Which platform? Beta enabled? what is the mbed library revision?

posted by Martin Kojtal 03 Sep 2015

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Philip, What is your work around?

7 years, 10 months ago.

As far as i know, the online compiler still uses the Keil ARM MDK v4. I recently also installed Keil ARM MDK v5 on my PC, but i also installed the MDK v4 Legacy Support for Cortex-M Devices http://www2.keil.com/mdk5/legacy/, and i never had any problems to compile exported mbed projects with MDK v5. Although i didn't even tried it without the legacy support instalation, i think, it might be the right solution.

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Hi, What I do to bypass this problem: - use mbed-src instead of mbed in your project - export to keil division - rename the .uvproj file in .uvprojx - launch division and open the .uvprojx file

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Hi George,

I'm having similar problems myself. The errors I get are almost all 'Linker errors', where Keil cannot find '.o' files. I'd be interested to hear from you regarding the errors you get, because I have a work around.