4 years, 4 months ago.

Sara g350 issues

Good afternoon, I'm using a STM32F411 nucleo board to connect to the Embedded Artists 2.5G module, more precisely to the SARA G350 module. As started I'm only configureing the nucleo board as a link between m-center and the module, as described in the example on Embedded Artists' site. Since it isn't working, I bypassed the STM32F411 connecting the serial port of ST-LINK directly to the module, and the situation seems better: in fact now I can send and receive some commands. The problem is that Initialization procedure, called in m-center, stops receiving responses from "AT+CLCK="SC",2" command, i.e. seems to be unable to talk with the SIM. Anybody has seen the same behavior??? Any suggest on how overcome to it?

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