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I am going into 3rd year college and have experience with microcontrollers and programming in C , I would like to use a touch screen and TFT display in my project but dont know where to start , Could you help me or set me on the correct track??

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Have you tried the example program? Reading its source will likely give you a reasonable starting point.

posted by Stephen Paulger 20 Aug 2015

I am going to do that but I wanted to get any other resources that people have used also are these displays similar to graphic lcds as in how they are separated into pixels etc

posted by Anthony Mullen 20 Aug 2015

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Take a look here:


A few of us have used these and do work well with David Smart's library.


They deliver quickly, I have ordered from them three times now with no problems.

I have the 8" version that's excellent.

You will need to order the RA8875 chip version with 4-wire SPI option and 'resistive' touch display, this is supported here.

3v or 5v supply option, however the Mbed may struggle to give enough current to power the display from the on board regulators with the larger displays. The 4.3" display needs approx. 200mA on the 5v option.

All the options can be changed by jumpers on the driver board.

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Thanks for that I looked at it and I'm going to give it a go I'll let you know how I get on Thanks

posted by Anthony Mullen 20 Aug 2015