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4.3"TFT LCD Display Module ORDER

Hello there,

Unfortunately, I need help with this project. I want the "4.3" TFT LCD display modules "order and connect to my LPC1768 as a touch screen.


Is it right that I then select the following things:

Interface: Pin Header Connection-4-Wire SPI Power Supply: 3.3V Touch Panel: 4.3"Resistive Touch Panel


Many thanks for the help

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Hi Marvin, That's the display I've used, and here are some of the options I selected:

  • Interface: Pin Header Connection-4-Wire SPI
    • As you see there are several choices, this is the one I wrote the driver for. It seemed to be the best trade-off between pin-count and features.
  • Power Supply: 5v
    • I chose 5v, because I have an external regulator that supports 5v easily. This is I think also a good choice if you are driving it from your PC, which provides 5v on the USB port.
    • If you have an external 3.3v supply, you could choose that option, but the mbed on-board 3.3v regulator will not have enough power to drive the mbed and the display.
  • Touch Panel: 4.3" Resistive touch panel
    • When I bought the 4.3" display, for some reason I was a cheap-skate and didn't actually buy the resistive touch screen. I later bought the 5" display and did get the resistive touch screen.
    • I have not worked with the capacitive touch sensing, because it requires an additional set of pins on the mbed (it is not shared on the same 4-wire SPI), and on my designs of interest, I didn't have the needed spare pins.
  • MicroSD Card Interface: none
    • There was another person who purchased this. I have not, so have no experience with it. I think it is simply a "convenience" in that it is carried on the display board, so you would not have to wire in your own - if you wanted an SD slot.
  • Font Chip: none
    • This too, I had no need for the additional fonts, so have no experience with it.

The 5 inch panel I also am using. Essentially identical to the 4.3 in (other than the size).

The RA8875 driver should also work with the higher resolution panels using the RA8875 controller.

Accepted Answer
  • Touch Panel: 7" with multi-touch Capacitive panel
    • I have since acquired a display with the capacitive touch panel, and integrated the driver to be as compatible with the resistive panel as practical. This makes it reasonably easy to go from resistive to capacitive, and to go from single-touch up to the multi-touch capability.
posted by David Smart 25 Mar 2017