7 years ago.

Warning: The build system is under heavy load right now. Compiles may take longer than usual.

Hmmm, this has been getting more and more frequent over the past months. Now been trying for an hour :(

Warning: The build system is under heavy load right now. Compiles may take longer than usual.

Error: The build system task timed out.

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7 years ago.

Hi All,

First, thank you for reporting this and apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused.

We've identified the issue and then took measures to prevent it in the future on the build system side of things. We'd like to investigate the issue further with the mbed SDK team and discuss with third parties the backend compiler side of things.

A very specific combination between source code, mbed SDK library and target platform, may cause the backend compiler to compile a single source file for over 15 minutes and eat gigabytes of RAM. Over time, while retrying to compile this, the hanging compile processes would stack up and at some point the server kernel would shutdown all compile services to free memory. There are various protection mechanisms on the mbed backend that prevent different DoS attacks and we strongly believe that wasn't a case of a DoS attack, and neither was done on purpose to harm the mbed services.

Once again thanks for reporting this and please let us know if you experience any regressions with the mbed ecosystem.


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Thank you for a good comprehensive answer.

posted by Paul Staron 18 Jan 2015
7 years ago.

Just now..

7 years ago.

Same here. Is it actually due to large number of users or is it actually a backend issue?

The status page is also inaccessible for me: https://stats.pingdom.com/jxlslgdoafp9/382711

Forum thread on issue: https://developer.mbed.org/forum/mbed/topic/5433/

6 years, 11 months ago.

Same here from one week till today

I think it's unbelievable that after all this time passed nothing has been fixed.

posted by Nearco Boldri 16 Mar 2015