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What exactly means "commit" in mbed compiler??

In the mbed compiler there is a button "commit" or alternatively "publish".

Let me give some user feedback about this. As a non native english speaker I cannot exactly understand what could be meant with "commit".

I am not familiar with this word in computer terms. From Wikipedia I learned that COMMIT is a command in SQL that means something like "save". But why not just use "save" then? Does "commit" mean saving a program so that it is only visible by me? So that it is not published and not visible by public?

Please explain!

great question

posted by Dheeraj M Pai 26 Jun 2015
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"Commit" is not a term we've invented, it's a term used in version control systems (

Saving a file overwrites the old contents of the file, if you decide you didn't want the changes you've just made you'd have to manually delete them, after a while you'd forget what was in each version.

Committing your code creates a snapshot of your code at a point in time, that you can put a message against. It allows you to compare versions for differences and go back to them in the future. It also enables working together on code with other programmers. If you were both saving into the same files things would break very quickly as you both made changes in the same files that overwrote each others changes. With version control you can take a copy of the code, work on it, save it to test it and when you're happy you can commit it.

Each of your projects has a repository that stores all of your commits. You can see any commits by clicking on "revisions" which is next to commit.

Code is only public when you explicitly make it so by publishing it.

For lots more information about these topics I suggest you read:

Aha, there is really something more behind that "Commit". I'm going to learn how to use that...

posted by Geert Hospers 13 Mar 2013

Great facility by mbed compi;er

posted by Dheeraj M Pai 26 Jun 2015