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How to connect multiple peripherals at same time ?


How can i modify this exemple to connect multiple leds at same time ?

Can I also be peripheral at same time ?

My goal is to use the full potential of S130 softdevice (1 central and 3 peripherals) assembling this exemple and the one called led.

Thank you.

Question relating to:

An initial demo showcasing the GattClient APIs. Drives an LED service exported by a BLE_LED peripheral. Shows scanning, connections, service-discovery, and reads/writes. BLE, bluetooth

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5 years, 12 months ago.

You can extend the LEDBlinker to target multiple devices concurrently; each connection should come with a connectionHandle to help with the APIs.

It should also be possible to simultaneously be a peripheral. We aim to present a simple demo for this.

3 years, 4 months ago.

Hi Rohit,

Did you put a solution together for the multiple peripherals to one central as I am interested in the solution too.




posted by ozan oner 26 May 2018