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u-blox C027 - car cigar power / battery

In a project i'm starting i would like using the u-blox C027 (has eg GPS, 3G onboard). The purpose is, using it in a car. My question: Can i power the u-blox C027 (out of the box, without modifications) via a car cigar power adapter or by bateries / battery power supply?


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The u-blox-C027 is a complete starter kit that allows quick prototyping of a variety of applications for the Internet of Things. The application board has a MAX-M8Q GPS/GNSS receiver and …

Firstly U-blox gives problems secondly they do not give any support thirdly they are arrogant and very bad to work with fourthly do not expect them to communicate with you and do not expect good service They are a bad company

I moved to STM and got good support with sample products and people are friendly and helpful. What I could not do in weeks I did in days via stm This device wants 5V so you nead a regulator. Any voltage a little to high or what ever and then the device is gone. I had three units and all gave the same problems. I had one unit from stm worked well and is still working look at the Nucleo 411 product with different building blocks it is cheaper and more user friendly. The STM32F411 is a good way to start

posted by Erastus Coetzee 31 Jul 2015

Ok thx. But what are my options when using stm for 3G and GPS?

posted by Guy Dillen 31 Jul 2015

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There are plenty I will get you the data on M onday

Look at this https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/ST-Nucleo-F411RE/ if you need help with equipment check with afnet kopp Brandon.Kuhn@avnet.eu or mark.vdwesthuizen@st.com of st. These guys gave me wonderful support and products are very well priced with a lot of samples and they are very nice guys to work. All of this is the opposit dealing with the people of the other product.

posted by Erastus Coetzee 02 Aug 2015
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Greetings Guy,

the C027 evaluation board can be powered with any power source that has a stable 12V output and is capable to provide enough current needed by the device - current consumption depends on the module type and its configuration (Transmission activity etc..).

Using the 12V from your car battery can provide enough current. The problem is that as soon as you start your car the 12V from the battery becomes full of spikes due to the ignition coils. These could damage your C027 board, so I do not recommend you to connect it directly.

You need to "clean" or "stabilize" the 12V from the battery before connecting it to the C027 board. There are multiple possible solutions to solve this problem.

Feel free to contact me if you need additional help, Jaka