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5" touch-screen

Hello, Very nice RA8875 overview. I need a 5" touch-screen for a small project with the LPC1768. I have little time and would therefore like to play around with the existing libraries. It is important that the output and touch input works fast and easy. But I am a layman and train in this sector. Can anyone tell me which 5" touch-screen from the side is the right and best one to utilize the existing libraries? http://www.buydisplay.com/default/tft-display/5-inch Many many Thanks.

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If you look at the section titled "compatibility" there are a couple of 5" screens that the author has said are compatible.

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I would go for this one:


This is higher resolution so will give a nice sharp display, you need to add resistive touch option as the library supports this at the moment and select 4 wire SPI option. Follow David Smart's write up, it details how to set the screen resolution.

I wouldn't worry about the font chip as it supports GLCD fonts that are available on Mbed, you can get this, it's only a couple of $ but you will need to solder onto the board but his library doesn't support it yet. I believe someone else has the additional code. The SD card is not wired to the RA8875 chip, you have to add and extra SPI port to it if you want to use it.

I have the 8" version that works great, draws 300mA, Mbed wont supply that, so really needs a 500mA power supply 3.3v or 5v depending on what you want the display can be set to either.