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Hey guys,

I am curious why DEVICE_LOCALFILESYSTEM is not supported in STM devices. The current supporting devices are TARGET_LPC11U24_401, TARGET_MBED_LPC1768. Is there any plan to support other devices?

And it looks this feature depends on compiler. IAR compiler is the only one to support DEVICE_LOCALFILESYSTEM. If I am correct, then is there any plan to support GNU compiler?

Thanks, Hans

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I compiled DEVICE_LOCALFILESYSTEM option in TARGET_LPC11U24_401, TARGET_MBED_LPC1768 using GCC compiler successfully.

posted by HanSeong Kim 01 Dec 2014

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The local filesystem requires an external memory part to be included on the board. Most boards (including a lot of LPC1768 based ones) don't have this extra memory since it adds cost.

Accepted Answer

In addition to this, only the two original mbeds have it, and currently it is not in the official mbed reference designs: While a third party could implement it on one of their boards, I would not assume this is going to happen. Especially since while LocalFileSystem can be very handy, the way it is implemented has also really significant downsides.

posted by Erik - 01 Dec 2014