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STM32F411 flow controlled serial communication with CC2530

Hello there from Germany.

I am trying to connect an CC2530 as a coprocessor to the STM32F411. The CC2530 only supports UART communication with RTS / CTS. According to the data sheet, the STM32F411 supports modem control and RTS/CTS on its UART interfaces. However, I can't call set_flow_control from an instance of mbed::Serial because of the missing preprocessing macro "DEVICE_SERIAL_FC" in the target device.h because it isn't declared. Is this maybe a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

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You may be able to achieve your goal by using STM32CubeMX, and using the code in your program.

posted by David Fletcher 22 Jul 2015
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The flow control code is not implemented for the F411, which is why that macro is not set.