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Firmware re-gen was fail with ARM-MDK (uVision5.14)

I'd try re-generate firmware in LPC11U35 (mbed-I/F subset), I retrieved source file set from github [latest commit 92db6df2ee xiongyihui xiongyihui authored on Jan 28 ] but while compile(uVision5.14) ,it makes some errors like anony. union etc, I must have modified to avoid the errors. (change order of struct member, insert struct brackets, and omit github commit SHA insertion to comment text file etc.) then, bin file was generated but not up virtual disk with it. it may remain error. I'm sad. Here, I have some question. 1. What version of compiler used for Arch-pro firmware ? How it re-build ? 2. It seems mbed-HDK and SeeedStdio Arch-Pro 's mbed-I/F is exact same one. why differ firmware used ? 3. Is boot loader(MBED LOADER) must matches with version of main-part of mbed-I/F firmware ? I'm afraid lost LOADER while the challenge . Please help me someone. Thank you.

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Arch Pro, an mbed enabled development board for rapid prototyping.

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There are two different firmware for LPC11U35, one with an offset 0x5000 (0x0 ~ 0x5000 is for mbed loader), one without the offset.

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Thank you Xiong, I'm succeeded to update with my built firmware. And, I wonder why project branched for arch pro. Is there any reason ? I think it is same schematic with mbed HDK and arch pro.

posted by hiro . 21 Jul 2015

There are a few differences. For example, the Arch Pro enables auto-reset after drag-n-dropping a new firmware

posted by Yihui Xiong 21 Jul 2015