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RTOS decision

I am working on a 4-wheel drive outdoor robot for educational purposes. I have started to work on a CAN connected system of four 1768 MBEDs with each node providing speed control of a single DC motor. I believe the software architecture of the node would be best implemented with an RTOS. I have played with MBED RTOS in the past and used it in my embedded software course. However, with MBED OS on the horizon, I am unsure what to do. Some questions

1. Will MBED RTROS continue to be supported/available when MBED OS is released? 2. Are MBED RTOS and MBED OS in any way compatible so that I could migrate RTOS code to OS code? 3. Are there any documents available on MBED OS so that I could compare?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Jim Herd

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1. Yes will be. 2. mbed OS, as it was said is not going to be RTOS. That should explain it. 3. The only info I am aware of is on mbed.org webpage at the moment, we are getting closer to public beta release, the dates are here [http://mbed.org/technology/os/]]

Accepted Answer

Martin, can you comment on how this is related to the RTOS handbook page, where it is added on top that RTOS is going to be deprecated and mbed OS will replace it? Link: https://developer.mbed.org/handbook/RTOS

posted by Erik - 09 Jul 2015

" mbed OS, as it was said is not going to be RTOS. That should explain it."

Not completely. High level structuring of the user program is different but what about the lower level calling sequences? Certainly mbed-os uses a lot of existing code and a lot of calling sequences to things like serial or wait remain the same, correct?

Could it be said that mbed-os is a rearrangement of functionality that is available in mbed-rtos.

Incidentially, I compiled the "blinky" program that uses mbed-os and get a bunch of "deprecated" messages but it seems to compile. Haven't tried to run it. I'm surprised to see that, in this version of blinky, "mbed.h" is used rather than a different include file such as "mbed_os.h".

posted by Alfred Hume 05 Apr 2017