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BLE_LoopbackUART is not working with nRF51822-mkit with Nexus 5 running Android 5.0 - RESOLVED

  • <<Resolution: Ensure "Disconnect" from previous "device" before loading code of new device into mkit, if necessary use nRF-MCP to disconnect, or if disconnect not offered then load a 3rd sample into mkit and connect/disconnect from it using nRF-MCP>>*

<< It wasn't working, then it was, now with latest nRF Tools App update it stopped again, frustrating! It seems this may be an issue with the Nordic Apps, not the mbed code. >>

  • Using nRF51822-mkit with Nexus 5 running Android 5.0
  • Expected typing in App to go to mkit, then be echoed back for display on App
  • Not connecting to either App, when click connect getting:
    • Android nRF UART V2.0
      • Getting "Device doesn't support, Disconnecting"
    • Android nRF Toolbox:UART
      • Getting "The device does not have required services"
  • I power cycled phone, same result
  • I see some activity with nRF Sniffer, just not sure what to capture or how to capture to appropriate file to post here.
  • nRF MCP Showing:
    • BLE UART
    • D5:FB:53:CF:8D:29
    • BLE Only
    • Flags: BrEdrNotSupported
    • Services Complete List UUID 128: 6e400001-b5a3-f393-e0a9-e50e24dcca93

Question relating to:

use UART Service to loopback anything received on the TX characteristic onto the RX. BLE, nRF UART

Have you posted your question here at Nordic Developer Zone? (https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/questions/) For these types of questions (general Bluetooth Smart issues) I think you have a much higher chance of getting your question answered there.

posted by Eirik Midttun 01 Dec 2014

20141208 - It is working now. Not sure what different but there have been several updates by Nordic for Android5.0

20141210 - It stopped working again, on phone I again get "This device does not have required services". Maybe the phone is remembering the HRM application's info I ran on the mkit, and won't properly recognize the new application on the same mkit? How to clear info on the Android 5.0 Phone?

posted by Paul Russell 08 Dec 2014

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20141210 - Using nRF-MCP App (Master Control Panel) to connect/disconnect seems to work to clear previous history for connected device of the mkit.

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