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Pin Selection For F401RE

Hello all,

I need total 12 analog pins, 3 Rx Tx (I will use SWD to program F401 on PCB and planning to use PA_2 and PA_3 as 3rd serial), 2 GPIO pins (output) on F401. For this purpose i choose;

For analog pins;

AnalogIn        sensor_pin[12] = {PA_0, PA_1, PA_4, PA_6, PA_7, PB_0, PB_1, PC_0, PC_1, PC_2, PC_3, PC_4};

Alternatively for analogs pins

AnalogIn        sensor_pin[12] = {PA_0, PA_1, PA_4, PB_0, PB_1, PC_0, PC_1, PC_2, PC_3, PC_4, PC_5????, ???};

I still have some doubts on analog selection. Any suggestions?

For Rx-Tx

1st  -->   Tx: PA_11                   Rx: PA_12
2nd -->   Tx: Not connected      Rx: PA_10
3rd -->    Tx: PA_2                     Rx: PA_3 

For GPIO Output

1st GPIO Output:   PA_8
2nd GPIO Output:  PC_8

To provide consistency between the code and PCB, I kindly ask whether this selection is suitable or not?

Thanks and regards...

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