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Anyone got Puck working on mkit?

  • I can't get Puck to work.
    • When imported it fails compile even with "Update all libraries" selected.
    • I delete the Puck Library and import it fresh, now it compiles and I put hex to mkit ok (It vanishes properly after copy to USB)
    • I don't see anything on Android App nRF Master Control Panel
    • Puck Central doesn't show do anything (maybe since nothing on BLE)
    • I press Reset, no change for either app

I did import with "Update all libraries"

I know Hardware OK since the BLE_HeartRate demo works fine after above with Android App nRFToolBox:HRM, and also shows up and connects with Android App nRF Master Control Panel. mkit has mbed firmware 0216 (latest at this time)

I get same when I follow the tutorial to create Puck fresh.

(I compiled Puck Central using Android Studio 0.8xxx and some messing with Android SDK, but Puck should at least show in MCP like HRM does)

Help, Paul

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Example Puck (BLE)

Instead of "Location Puck" use "Example_Puck_BLE"


posted by Paul Russell 15 Dec 2014

I am getting the same thing. Mbed fails to compile - both original and with updating libraries. Different issues errors get thrown though. AS-Is it throws: "Error: Cannot open source input file "compiler_abstraction.h": No such file or directory in "Puck/nRF51822/nordic/nrf-sdk/app_common/app_util.h", Line: 27, Col: 34 "

posted by iain galloway 21 Feb 2015

Hi, iain – The puck library should be working properly again now ;)

posted by Stian Jensen 01 Mar 2015
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