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BLE_Beacon not connecting to Beacon App, but is visible as iBeacon in Android nRF MCP App

My mkit is showing up as iBeacon in Android nRF Master Control Panel App, on both USB and Battery power, but it generates a GATT ERROR when I try to connect.

It isn't connecting at all when I tap "+ Add beacon" on either: - Android nRF Beacon App - Android nRF Toobox Apps's Beacons screen.

I did import with "Update all libraries"

I know Hardware OK since the BLE_HeartRate demo worked fine with Android App nRFToolBox:HRM, and also connected OK with Adroid App nRF Master Control Panel.



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Beacon demo for the BLE API using the nRF51822 native mode drivers

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6 years, 8 months ago.

The beacon demo is not meant to connect. It doesn't populate the GATT database with any services. You would not find anything useful if you were able to connect.

This is also made explicit by the following:


This seems to be rather odd behavior for the only RF-enabled example described on the read-bear getting started page. Particularly since that 'non-connectable' parameter is now not in the main.cpp. For someone coming new to this device, it is not obvious what a successful test should be expecting.

posted by Sean Houlihane 22 Feb 2015
6 years, 7 months ago.

When the master control panel shows a "CONNECT" button it is connectable. Most likely Paul is using one of the Nordic examples that also has a connectable (configuration) mode.

Just recently I got the same error this was with a beacon that I have configured before. The error only recently popped up and I do remember seeing a notification that my master control panel was updated during my Christmas holidays. I was able to connect the beacon after restarting the master control panel. From the main screen in the master control panel, press the BACK button (Android button) to exit the App. Now restart the app, you will see that all previously found devices are removed from the list and the App starts scanning for devices. After this I was able to connect my beacon again.

Maybe this has to do with the App being upgraded for the new soft-device (v7.1) while my beacon still uses the old (v6) soft-device. A newer development board with the 7.1.1 softdevice seems to work OK.