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CMSIS Application Size


I am currently trying to develop a port of the CMSIS DAP firmware to run on the target micro-controller board of the KL46z, such that it can be used as a programmer through its header pins for off board freescale kinesis MCUs.

I have been reading about the HDK and CMSIS-DAP on this page, and here https://community.freescale.com/docs/DOC-100720 and have a series of questions - i thought it best to ask all of these in the same place:

1) The above page describes that to compile the CMSIS DAP firmware (which is what i would imagine that i want to use) i require the Keil MDK. I do not have a licence for this, however there is a "lite" version that has a 32kb flash limit - how big is the compiled CMSIS-DAP firmware image and would this fit under the limit? also how large is the compiled bootloader?

2) my understanding is that this would need to be complied externally due to the changes to the vector table that result from the boot loader on the K20DX128 MCU. As there would be no need for a bootloader in my program, (as this can be reflashed by the on-board CMSIS-DAP interface) would it be possible and functional to compile this within MBED? or are there issues that i will run into? similarly the application would need to be modified to take into account the different MCU (KL46 vs K20).

3) As the CMSIS-DAPv2.1 Bootloader is opensource and available on github - could this be used as a bootloader on an external MCU ? would this simply be to port the code from the K20DX128 to for example the MK26Z128 controller, or is there a reason why the CMSIS-DAP hardware uses a cortex-M4 MCU?

4) When code is uploaded on to the virtual MSD with the CMSIS-DAP interface, where is this code stored before flashing the MCU ? or is it directly flashed as it is received?

5) if i were to use a bootloader for the target MCU on the KL46Z (the CMSIS-DAPv2.1 bootloader ported to this MCU), would this make it easier to create the CMSIS-DAP firmware for flashing other MCUs, particularly ones that have applications based on CMSIS-DAPv1 bootloaders as the application programs for both start at address 0x8000?

many thanks.

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Check the arm-gcc & makefile version of CMSIS-DAP:


No need for Keil paid version! If you like it, feel free to vote it for the 2015 Hackaday Prize