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PB0 and PB1 interrupt

Giant Gecko PB0 and PB1 do not support interruptin ??

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Using the cap slider and segment LCD on LG/WG/GG.

Do you mean the pushbuttons located on the front, labeled "PB0" and "PB1" on the board? If so, those are actually mapped to the pins "PB9" and "PB10". The pins "PB0" and "PB1"(not to be confused with the buttons) are used for the display. you can also use "BTN0" and "BTN1" in mbed, in place of "PB9" and "PB10"

posted by Srod Karim 12 Jun 2015

The labels are probably short for Push Button 0 / 1. Poor naming choice given the names of the port pins.

posted by Andy A 12 Jun 2015

Thanks guys, this is it, now running program

posted by Cicero Matos 13 Jun 2015

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Just posting here to let people see that this has been successfully answered in the comments section.

Short answer: If you want to use the buttons on the board that are labeled "PB0" and "PB1", use "SW0"/"BTN0" and "SW1"/"BTN1" in mbed.