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Redbearlabs nRF51822 nordics Softdevice and gcc

Hey, I want to develop Software with RedBearLab nRF51822 with gcc. I found the makefiles and Softdevice from nordic on their homepage(also their makefile) and I exporting the Code of the Nordic nRF51822 for gcc, also building it. I want to use the make-process from the Nordic nRF51822 as a model for a makefile of the RedBearLab.

Am I right in thinking the Softdevice from Nordic (s110*.hex) is always needed for making a BLE application on the Chip?(Because there is a merge rule(but not needed at the blinky example or nordics nRF51822) in this makefile). Does the Online-Compiler also merge the softdevice with my application code when using some BLE-Features?

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Is it not possible to just use the online compiler to get a sample working for the Redbearlabs nRF51822 board and then export it for GCC_ARM? Maybe you are hitting a particular problem with that process?

The online compiler always merges the Softdevice into its output .hex file. Even if you aren't using BLE functionality, it is still merged in as the linker scripts, etc expect it to always be there in the lower portion of FLASH/RAM.

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As at today, unfortunately, export to GCC isn't available for the RedBearLabs boards.


A dedicated ticket was created at https://github.com/mbedmicro/mbed/issues/638