7 years ago.

Has somebody found a solution for using AX12A servo with Nucleo boards ?

For mbed LPC 1768 there is no problem for using the ax12 library but it doen't work with Nucleo boards because the library SerialHalfDuplex.h doesn't exist in mbed.h for Nucleo boards. If somebody can help I'm really interested. Thanks

04/12/2014 I've found the solution myself. The problem comes form the absence of "SerialHalfDuplex.cpp" and "SerialHalfDuplex.h" ifor Nucleo boards. So I've modified these files existing for LPC1768 and now it works for Nucleo. Here are the two modified files. /media/uploads/fablagrenouille/serialhalfduplex.h /media/uploads/fablagrenouille/serialhalfduplex.cpp

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