AX-12 Servo motor

Hello World

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Hello world program for the Dynamixel AX12 servo motor


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AX12 servo motor library




This little beast is a highly featured piece of kit. It's not the cheapest servo money can buy, but it is certainly very versatile, and delivers a serious bang for your buck.


The following diagram shows the connection of an AX12 with an LPC1768 microcontroller.


Tech Specs

The headline features of the AX12 are:

  • 55g
  • 7v - 10v supply
  • 900mA maximum current
  • 16.5kg/cm Holding torque
  • 300 degree or continuous rotation
  • Half duplex serial (8-N-1) interface, up to 1Mbps
  • Feedback for position, temperature, load, voltage etc

It is really mechanically sound too, and comes with a mounting plate, a bracket to fit to the spindle and plenty of nuts and bolts to bolt it all together. It has been designed so that one servo canbe mounted on the spindle of another so you can do multple degrees of freedom just by mounting them on eachother.

Development Notebook Page

If you want to read more details about the development of this library, the full write-up can be found at :

AX12 Notebook page