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Problem with pc.printf on STM32F401RE

Hi guys, I'm working with an STM32F401RE for my thesis work. My system read some serial data from an optical sensor, an Xbee and other analogic signals. Then the microprocessor print everything on the PC serial with a pc.printf(). When I run the labview program, in the first minutes everything go well (actually pretty cool), but after almost 5-6 minutes that the program is running the data on the PC serial is "acting" crazy. Periodically it print random strings and this is a big problem for me. It will work again when I stop and restart the labview program. I'll insert the program and the data print that I got.

/media/uploads/Cosimocalciano/garbage.cpp /media/uploads/Cosimocalciano/dati_keyence26520151423

Can someone tell me why it's happening? And how can solve it?

Thank you so much.

(sorry for my english :D )

Can you say what baudrate you are using and what OS ie windows, linux etc.

posted by David Fletcher 04 Jun 2015

Oh Yes Sorry! Baud rate is 115200 and the IOS is windows 8.1

posted by Cosimo Calciano 04 Jun 2015
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